In the video above the crew of the S.S.S. Gagarin explain why there is no Countdown To Yuri's Night in 2016

DCIST Ranks Astro Pop among its 2015

"Highbrow theater this is not. Hell, Astro Pop's glittery, hilarious, genre-bending events probably fall more under the category of performance art than theater, but who cares? Where else are you going to see Mr. Peanut beat the shit out of Alvin and the Chipmunks in a show that also features fights between a sloth, Diane Rehm, Vladimir Putin, Keyboard Cat, Alf, and Speedy Gonzales (if you somehow guessed that Diane Rehm came out on top, you'd be correct) in between burlesque acts? Elvis' Birthday Fight Club is basically a celebrity WWE event crossed with a burlesque show that is hosted by an Elvis impersonator in honor of The King's birthday. Astro Pop's other signature event is the annual Countdown to Yuri’s Night, which similarly defies categorization. Suffice it to say that this year's event included live music, burlesque, a "weird science fair," and an art exhibition. — Rachel Sadon, dcist